Children and Dogs – How Could You Make The Relationship a Great One?

Dogs are a fantastic portion of growing up. I believe most of us can look back fondly to the initial dog we had as a kid. One understand a few of my earliest and favorite childhood memories are of time shared with our family dogs.

Besides being great pleasure and providing companionship, dogs can teach children a lot about compassion, responsibility and caring . Below is a listing of things that you can do to make the relationship your kids and dog share happy and a safe one:

  • Children must be taught the borders of what is and what isn’t appropriate behaviour around dogs. Children can perform all types of things that are potentially dangerous to the family dog. Activities like pulling on the dog’s ears, poking at them and jumping on a sleeping dog can get kids into lots of trouble.

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  • Avert the breeds that are boisterous that are bigger. Even though a dog such as this might not mean to hurt a kid (or anyone else) due to their size, strength and excitability an injury can easily occur.
  • To greatly improve your chances of having a sound, stable, well balanced dog of great temperament always purchase your pet from a reputable dog breeder. Good breeders care for his or her chosen strain and so are consistently looking to improve it. Good breeders breed from top quality breeding stock as well as have the crucial job of starting your puppy’s socialization.
  • Get stuck into the puppy socialization procedure once your new dog arrives house. Expose and familiarize your pup to the kids, animals, sounds and smells in your household. Puppy kindergarten is a good place to take your puppy through the socialization period – remember to involve your kids in this method.
  • It’s too late to start some obedience training. Start out with all the basic obedience commands Various other commands which may be convenient when you’ve got a dog mix with children are “Leave It!” and also “Go To Your Spot”. Once again include your children in the training sessions – they’ll love it.
  • Never leave a dog unsupervised and alone as well as young kids – it is simply not worth the danger, no dog is 100% safe.
  • Do a little research into the several . The American Kennel Club has an extensive listing of dog breeds on there web site. You’ll find out things such as the size, character and suitability to children of every dog breed – list of dog breeds. You might also talk with Dog Trainers that will offer some good insight into the suitability of the several strains and the local Veterinarian. to begin some obedience training. Start out with the basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, down, come etc. Various other orders which could come in handy when you’ve got a dog mixing with kids are “Leave It!” and also “Go to your own Spot”. Once again contain your kids in the training sessions – they’ll love it.

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The very best dog breed for kids is one that is well bred, cared for, socialized and trained.


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