Home Remedy to Keep Flies Off Dogs

What can you put on a dog to keep the flies away: Flies prefer to bite on dogs. The ears are often targeted by them, however they occasionally choose blood on the rest of the body of a canine. Avoid outdoor activities if flies irritate your dog and attempt a home made repellent.


Attempt a fly spray made out of an oz of cider vinegar and citronella oil.

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Make use of a combination of permoxin and baby oil to make an ointment. This fixes prevents and stings biting that is added. Keep it and put it to use during fly season. It’s going to stay fresh for several months.

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Place on the ears to safeguard them. You can even attempt a Vaseline merchandise.

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A skin that is scented moisturizer combined with water to your own pet ‘s skin before it goes outside.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Place several globules of apple cider vinegar in your pet ‘s water. Use apple cider vinegar combined with water, Pine Sol and orange aroma as a fly spray.

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