How to Stop Your Dog from Barking In the Car?


My dog barks incessantly, however just in the car. Sometimes I take my dog to the veterinarian, which she does not like, but the overwhelming majority of the time we’re headed to the dog park, her beloved.


Barking in the car might have a few distinct causes. Some dogs will vocalize since they’re fearful. Others can be very excited by the view and the street sound out the car window. Still others could get excited simply because they anticipate something quite good or awful at the end of the ride. The great news is there are a few very basic but powerful things that may be done in order without identifying the precise cause, to improve the problem.

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The very first thing to think about is where your dog is riding in the car. Dogs, just like kids, should be safely fixed in the car. In case of a collision a “loose” dog can be quite severely injured. Additionally, every month or two I view a news story of a dog because she ran into traffic frequently right from the scene that’s lost or injured after a car accident.

Dogs that are free to roam in the car can cause a whole set of problems before a crash even occurs. A loose dog can hinder the driver’s ability to drive, to see the window out, and will present an irresistible distraction when they are socializing with kids or attempting to open (or eat) bundles.

I am a supporter of using a crate to transport dogs. A well-bonded “soft” crate gives a safe and cozy place for a dog to travel and also keeps them from becoming too interested (or scared) of the perspective. This means that the dog must be crate-trained, if an effort to acclimate her to the new crate is very different from what it is you’re using at home, and also you may need to make it.

A crate also makes it very simple to implement another suggestion for cutting down on barking: give her something else.

If your crate is simply not an option, there are quite a few good seat belt products available. Window shades could be a choice for cutting back on your own dog’s view of the road, if you have to work with one of these. It is also better to strap a dog as dogs do to small children as passenger air bags present the same danger to them.

You can start to consider some basic training for how she’ll ride after you have addressed where your dog will ride. You want your dog to sit down or lie down quietly during the ride, so practice that conduct! Work on that first should you not possess a solid down stay outside of the car. But keep in mind – you feed and can’t drive your dogs treats at the same time, so you will want to disappear the treats and replace them with a toy before you’re ready to hit the road.

Last, but by no means least, have you been somehow strengthening the barking? If you are repeatedly shouting “quiet!” or “no!” when your dog is barking you may actually be rewarding the behaviour rather than penalizing it. Also, are you really letting her from the car and to the dog park while she is still barking? That’s definitely a reward! The park is a large enough benefit that barking every time looks worth the park, even if she ends up at the vet instead of it sometimes! While it could demand the patience of a saint (as well as a construction worker)’s ear protection, do not let her out of the car (or the crate) if she is barking. This is really important and certainly worth the effort. If you could be completely consistent with enforcing quiet before she is able to leave the car, it is going to have enormous impact.


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