How to Stop Your Dog From Pulling on the Leash

Here is what you need to do to stop dog pulling and finally have a pleasant walk.

Establish leadership. To do this, develop a good posture while walking with your dog. Try to walk with your back up straight in a self-confident manner. Do not get anxious and just stay calm at all times. Take a deep breath and walk with your pal with confidence. Let your dog feel the powerful energy.

Walk In The Opposite Direction To Stop Dog Pulling

To stop dog pulling and erase the problem, never get mad at your dog. You just turn around and start walking the other way. Your dog will soon realize that you are the one who has control of where the two of you go. Although, you will have to repeat this many times until your dog remembers.

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Stop Dog Pulling Again By Stop Walking

If the first trick doesn’t seem to work then try to stop each time he pulls on the leash. The reason behind this is that every time your dog goes forward upon pulling, he learns that this action is rewarding and will continue to do so. So stop until he turns around and stop as well.

Stop Dog Pulling – Firmly Hold The Leash Close To Your Abdomen

If you keep your hand while holding the leash close to your body, then you will have much more control. If your arm is stretched out, a sudden pull by your dog will have you feeling like your arm is about to get pulled out. Always keep the leash close to your body.

Keep It Cool To Stop Dog Pulling

Never get upset and yell at your dog. It will not bring any good to your dog pulling problem. If you get all upset, then you are giving a lot of control to the dog. If he pulls, just calmly walk in the other direction as mentioned earlier. And don’t even look back and just keep going. Keep your hands with the leash close to your body, especially if you are using a halter.

Lastly, do not give up. Get him understand your requests and praise him lavishly or give him dog treats every time he walks with a slack leash. Don’t avoid going on walks with your dog because of the pulling. Your dog needs walks too. Walking with your dog is a good exercise for both you and your dog. So try these tips, and see a big improvement. Eventually, you’ll have an obedient dog that walks by your side properly.

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