How to Stop Your Dog from Pulling On the Leash

Leash training a dog is necessary if one wants to walk his dog a bit further than the driveway. The main point of leash training a dog is to stop him from pulling on the leash as it not only makes the whole concept of walking a dog discouraging but also reinforces the bad habits he has. It is much easier to teach a puppy how to walk on a leash than to leash train an older dog but it can be done in both cases, the latter one requiring a bit more patience. Here, you will know and learn the important tips on leash training. Check these out:

How to Stop Your Dog from Pulling On the Leash Doggy Dan Videos

  • Select the right Collar- Leash training a dog starts with choosing the right collar and putting it into your dog’s neck. Make sure to buy a standard leather collar, not too tight as you don’t want to hurt or strangle him. Next, try putting it on while the dog is distracted. Let him get used to it and don’t help him if he tries to dislodge or scratch it off. Instead, wait till he forgets about it and then take it off.
  • Let the dog get used to the leash- Second step in leash training a dog involves attaching a leash to the collar and allowing your dog to run freely with it around the house. Your dog needs to get used to the fact that there is an alien item attached to his neck and he can’t do much about it.
  • Don’t let him pull you out of the house- Now, before you take your dog outside make sure he is not pulling on the leash or jumping around in excitement. Wait till he calms down and understands that you are not going to take him on a walk unless he ceases moving. Praise your pet as soon as he stops and slacks the leash.
  • Start Leash Training a Dog- You need to save a lot of patience and remain consistent while implementing the technique outlined below. Before you leave on a proper walk around your neighborhood, take your dog to a place that he’s familiar with so that he won’t get distracted by all the new and shiny stuff around. The moment he pulls on the leash, stop and tell him to get back to you and sit. If he does, praise him and reward with a treat.
  • Change the directions rapidly to make sure he’s paying attention to your movements- While leash training a dog, it is also useful to change the direction you walk in every few minutes. Make it rapidly so that for a fraction of a second, the leash gets tense. If your dog won’t adjust his route accordingly and keeps dragging, you stop. Again, command him to get back to you and praise if he does so. Remember that the key here is to remain patient and consistent.

If you want to stop your dog from pulling on the leash, follow the steps stated above and rest assured that you would be happy with the result.

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