The Best Way to Create a Dog Toilet Area in Your Yard

You’ve already toilet trained your dog so that going outside is routine. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your dog went in one area you could control the odor, and so that it could be kept up? Create a dog toilet place in a small spot of underused lawn space. All you need are a couple bags of play sand, or hardwood mulch, and a couple sections that act as separation in the lawn. Anyone using back yard or a side can develop a sanitary, sane and suitable toilet space for the household dog.


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Things that You’ll Want

  • Rake
  • Bags of Hardwood Mulch or Sand
  • Railroad ties or pressure treated timbers


  • Identify a convenient space in back yard or your side. It will not need to be huge, perhaps only 8 by 8 feet or more. When it’s grassy, dig 2 inches down and remove the grass. Dig pressure treated timbers or 4 by 4’s at the edge adjoining the grass or a trench just big enough to fit railroad ties. Cover the area with hardwood mulch more or 2 inches deep with a rake. You may use play sand, should you not enjoy mulch.
  • Here is the only real part that is tough. The the most productive way is to wait until he needs to go out. Repeat a dozen times. Afterward repeat with no leash until the toilet area’s concept is fixed in his head.
  • Once per week or as frequently as you like, clean up the evidence that is clear. Alter the mulch a couple of times per year.


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