How to Toilet Train Your Puppy in 3 Days

doggy dans online dog trainer review

While three days may seem like a short time to toilet train your puppy or adult dog, it is possible if you use the Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Program. It provides the simple steps towards training your puppy in the right way.

In this Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer review, we will go over the steps required, what equipment you need, and some tips that will help the process go smoothly.


You will need puppy pads and a crate for your pooch in order to begin the training. Of course, you can save a little money and substitute your local newspaper for the puppy pads. Once your puppy has been trained to go on the pads or the paper inside your home, then you can go outside and train them to go out there. Do not try to mix the two as this may confuse your puppy.

The crate is important because you cannot be with your puppy 24/7. So having a crate is very handy because this will limit the amount of mischief they can get into when you are not around. It helps that puppies sleep about 16 hours a day, so a crate is the perfect place to keep them while you are away. However, take them out when you are present and let them play.

The Four Step Approach

Keep an Eye on Your Puppy: During the toilet training period, be sure to keep an eye on your puppy at all times to ensure they are following the process.

Use Doggy Treats: Positive motivation is what you will provide for your puppy to encourage them in the right way.

Be Consistent: You will need to take your puppy out every hour and reward when they go in the right place.

Patience: At some point your puppy will understand. Do not punish them for going in the wrong place as that will only confuse them.

How Often Will Your Puppy Go?

Because they have smaller bladders, puppies will need to go more often than adult dogs. If you are toilet training them outside, take them out every hour. If you see your puppy start to sniff the floor, that is the time to take them outside. The Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Program also provides tips on making things easier when training your puppy to go in the right places.

– Use a Tether or Lead
– Use an Hourly Alarm as a Reminder to take Your Puppy Outdoors or to the Pads
– Use Just One Spot in the Yard as the Toilet
– Use a Cue Word: This helps the puppy or dog know when to go
– Reward Your Puppy or Dog with a Treat

In this Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Review, you have seen the equipment, approach, and tips needed to properly train your pooch. The program itself goes into more detail which provides you with a complete overview of how to toilet train your puppy in just three days. It does require a commitment on your part. However, if you can set aside the time, follow the instructions, and repeat the proper actions you’ll have your puppy toilet trained in just three days.


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